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Sometimes it helps to know what I'm thinking..


My art depicts memories both fictional and nonfictional.  Imagery obtained by my daily thoughts and findings while amidst the vast collection of American culture.  You need society blinders just to focus and weed out the undesirable.  There’s so much going on, and often I forget to evaluate what I’m taking in and just accept it.  I work in a vast array of mediums and languages that mimic societies overwhelming and dominating presence.  I work and blend simplistic and crude drawings to refined oil paintings, graffiti, traditional and commercial printmaking, sculpture cast in metals and modern plastics, etc.  I am always learning new materials to express and relate my ideas to continuously push my conceptual boundaries. I push ideas of embodiment in relationships, knowledge, innocence, past and present, social media popular culture, kitsch, commercialism, morals, politics, religion and more.  There's a conversation within all the imagery.  Some are easy to see at a quick glance, while some are less obtrusive and take a moment to recognize and absorb.  My work is like a visual newspaper.  Though the experiences are mine, if you’ve set foot outside, turned on your television or Internet, you’ve had many similar experiences and can easily relate.  It should all feel familiar even if you can’t pinpoint when or where.  


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